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Many have you have emailed to ask me for more input on the "Annual Consciousness Reading." What's it like? What do we do? What's the benefit? Understanding the numerological rhythms that can influence your inner and outer life, assists you in creating "more" in your world. With 2016 and its 9 Universal Year Frequency closed out and the 9 year Cycle ending, it's a good idea to find out what's next for you. Whether your goals are romantic, financial or spiritual, a Consciousness Reading can assist you in reaching them with less difficulty and fewer delays. It also directs your focus to create from strengths - leaving those shortcomings in the dust!

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Deirdre's New Book


Harnessing the Hidden Power of Words
by Deirdre Morgan

Did you know that using the words, "try," "hope," and "want" create barriers to your success and happiness? Words are Energy. Words create sound waves that influence both the transmitter and the receiver. Heart-Speak - Harnessing the Hidden Power of Words is a guide to the new language that aligns you with the Affirmative Energy Field to make life simpler and more rewarding.

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