Recent book review:

  • “This book is a manual for avoiding unintentional self-sabotage. It is a must read for anyone who wants to understand why their positive affirmations are not yielding results, and how to make them productive.” - DP, CA

Spiritual Contract Reading

This intuitive reading is a pre-requisite for any future work we might do together. Besides the valuable input, it helps you decide whether you feel comfortable with me and would like to continue your inner journey.

We all would like to know our purpose in life and knowing your Spiritual Contract gives you the answer. Your Contract is the agreement, a plan that you made with yourself before you came down and incarnated in your human suit! You set up what you want to experience, learn and contribute this lifetime. The Contract gives you this deeper and greater perspective of yourself. While the input you receive allows you to make choices that are in keeping with your soul’s frequency, it is also very practically oriented. We talk about your talents, strengths and skills that you can use to live happily and fully in this world. The session lasts an hour and you may record if you’d like. We can do it in person…or phone consult…and now skype! Contact me to schedule an appointment.

Annual Update Session

Using the Tarot deck, this is a strategic reading that gives the specifics that you need to be aware of in order to create more ease and abundance during the coming year. In Part 1 you’ll get the guidelines for your inner growth and the steps needed to build a greater sense of wholeness and well being. If you choose to do “Part 2” as well, monthly reminders keep you on track with accomplishing your goals – both personal and professional. The reading takes an hour and you may record it if you like. You’re “good to go” after this session!

Again – check out your options on “The Specials” available until the end of 2016!

The Intensive – a Clearing House Experience!

A series of 6-10 one hour sessions - depending on how much inner journey exploration you’ve already done. This is your choice as this program is highly individualized to fit your goals.

We explore the ‘architecture’ - the building blocks - of your life by clearing what beliefs you are holding which undermine your success story. You learn what doubts, fears and insecurities have been sabotaging you. What hidden drivers propel you away from your Heart’s Desire? You get to the nitty gritty as you uncover, discover and recover from the issues blocking your happiness. You can then lead a Heart-Centric life!

Sessions run a maximum of one hour. We can do these over the phone if I’m not in your city. Please ask me about the fee structure.

The Empowerment Program

True wealth is an inside-out experience. My intention for this program is that you “power up” by releasing your abundance blocks. When we talk power, we’re talking energy. To tap into this energy that generates your thinking, I’ve developed a series of energetic meditations to assist you in releasing negative, self limiting programming. These sessions are designed to shift, change and amp your energy on all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally - to create more ease and abundance in your life. The end result is that you become happier and more at ease in your life. Sessions are 45 minutes. Please ask about the fee structure.

Past Life Regression

When we make peace with the past, we free ourselves to live more fully in the present. Regression work can be an important ally in releasing old emotional baggage quickly and effectively. We go to your Core in this protocol to help you understand when self-sabotaging started. By using hypnosis – you create a state of deep relaxation in which traumas, wounds and karmic issues can be cleared and healed. This opens up your choices - and a Heart-Centric life can begin. Sessions are a flexible hour. Please ask about the fee structure.

Prenatal Bonding

A series of sessions between pregnant Mommy-to-be and your child. The loving bond that you create during these meetings will have a permanent and positive influence on your baby’s life. During these gentle, life-affirming appointments, you and your baby relax and communicate with each other to prepare for birthing and a lifetime of connection! These sessions can begin at any time of Mom’s choosing – usually late in the second trimester – and continue until the “run to the hospital”!

If you have questions, please contact me.

I’d love to hear from you!

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