Hi Everyone!
Thanks for clicking in!
We're into the second half of 2018 and
its a fabulous time to remind yourself exactly
what this Energetic Shift
is that we're all living through.

This recording is focused on the Paradigm Shift -
out of the old boys Separatist Thinking into
the Heart Centered Consciousness of Connection.
It is information I channelled in back in 2012 - at the time when
"The Shift" happened.

Follow the Diagram as you listen to the Audio.
They both are designed to help you get clearer about what
you need to do to create the life you'd love to live..

I hope you will join me - Its about 20 minutes long.

Zack and I had a fun time recording -
in between the jack hammering and the flights landing at Burbank!
A busy productive day for us all!

Stay tuned for the "summer special" package on building
dreams and happiness. "TQ" is almost operative!!
More later!!

Heart to Heart...

Overview 2018 - Chapter 2

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