"Crazy little thing called Love"

March 2019

Dear Friends,

Welcome to March.
Crazy weather.
Crazy politics.
All are connected to
big changes in the world.
And this month,
you, too, will be faced
with a monumental shift.

March resonates to the 6 Energy Field.
Six is a double dip
of the 3 Universal Energy
that began on January 1st.

This 3 vibration represents
Peace, Love and Joy.
Its elements are creative, expressive, imaginative and playful.
Now kick it up a notch.
6 – intensifies Peace, Love, and Joy
into the Open Heart’s ACTION of
Loving Kindness, Relationships
and Generosity.
Its elements are responsibility, balance, harmony and openness.

Six takes self love (3) and elevates it
into Unconditional Love.
This Love goes beyond the ego:
it flows through us out into world
where, in service, it is shared with others.
6 says “to commit to Self go beyond
the self (ego)”.

I am asked so often the following:
“But how do I love ‘unconditionally’?”
And the answer is:
“With just your Heart.”

What do I mean by that?

Last year we were tasked
with opening our Hearts.
And, getting out of our Heads.
To move out of the old patriarchal paradigm
of doubt, fear and belief in lack that
creates human (conditional) love in order to move into the new Heart paradigm
of Trust, Love and Abundance.

When we think with our Head,
rather than feel with our Heart,
we are cemented in intellectual analysis.
This typically creates judgment, doubt and/or fear, which, in turn,
generates the lower case emotions
of anger, regret, frustration and jealousy
that feed human conflict, separation
and destruction.

The new Universal Energy Field
that began in 2012,
is incompatible with that
old, patriarchal format
of fear, division and conditional love.
In order to create success and happiness,
we must align ourselves
with Unconditional Love
through the new Heart Paradigm
of Unity and Connection.
Unconditional Love is love
without the fear factor*.
And so, here we are in March,
a see-saw month of ups and downs.
Not just because
Mercury is going retrograde in Pisces.
Or Uranus is moving
direct into Taurus ruled by Venus.
Or the Cosmos is showering us
with supersonic Light activity!
No, this month is awesome
because we must step up,
embrace change
and activate our Open Heart-center.
This is the only way to move forward,
and stay grounded in order to
create the life you’ve always desired.
How do we stay centered
in such a chaotic, frenzied world?
The answers are this month’s…

Quick Tips:

First off -
Pay attention to you!
You must be the change
you wish to see in the world.
If not now, when?
If not you, who?

monitor how much time and energy
you are using up by REACTING
to the various horror stories in circulation?

If you find yourself at effect
and expressing a lot of frustration,
Re-balance and center your Self
with a session of mindfulness
and breathing.
Remember: rage and hate
only add to the chaos and violence.
If it’s there in you, look within
for an unhealed wound
that you need to resolve.

The questions to ask is -

What do I still need to do to replace
my outdated patriarchal format
of conditional love
with the Connective Open Heart
of Unconditional Love?
Here’s a clue:
Human conditional love
is based on performance.
Were you the “good child”…
the “award winner”… the “champion”?
Did you buy into “earning” love?
That love has to be “deserved”?
I call this External Love Addiction.

Well, it’s time to unhook yourself.

From the moment you breathed life,
love has been sitting inside you,
waiting for you to tap into it.
Activate this inner love
by honoring who you are,
by acknowledging and appreciating
your God-given gifts.

Look in the mirror.
Let your Heart’s love radiate
as you look deeply into yourself.
Every day, say the words.
“I love me.”
Every time you catch your reflection,
say those three little words again.

Change is dynamic.
It often causes things to get bumpy.
Relax. It’s normal.
Change happens.
And, if you feel overwhelmed,
watch a silly movie.
Go for a beach walk
or mountain hike.
Take a delicious bubble bath.
Buy some gorgeous flowers.

March is monumental!
It brings life changing concepts
to your doorstep.
Just open the door.
Because Love is on the way!

Heart to heart…

*Be crystal clear –
I’m not saying that Unconditional Love
means we have to accept or adopt behaviors we don’t like.
That is not Unconditional Love.
If you don’t like what is being done,
it is your responsibility to move on!