Are you feeling… Spooktacular!?

October 2018

Dear Friends –

The mystical, magically magnificent
3 Energy is with us!

“Three’s the charm” and
3 is charming in its love and enthusiasm for life…
its creativity and imagination…
its playfulness…
and pure joyfulness of self.
It is the “happy vibe”!

3 is the Light Heart…
light heartedness –
full of love and laughter because
it doesn’t take itself seriously.
3 knows that there are worlds
and dimensions to living
which far surpass this window of time.

3 knows – “Lead with the Heart; follow with Smart.”

How about you?
Are you in a similar space?
Boo-tiful when you say yes!
And if you’re not
and are frightfully stuck,
just keep going.

Yes - I know this year has been relentless in its pursuit
of the Opened Heart.
And yes - we’re all pretty tired of discovering and recovering
from our emotional wounds.

However, when we don’t have dancing feet,
an easy laugh
and/or a Heart that sings,
it signals that our inner journey
is not done.

And The Universe –
with it’s four retro planets -
is generating an Energy Field
that says...
“Retrace your steps; have a think.
It’s not a time to make decisions.
Right now we’re still being asked
to explore our options
and examine the information.
In mid-December,
the call for commitment will come!

Will this be easy?

For those of us who
have not found our joy
and our love of self and life,
October can get pretty sticky.
Anxiety, panic attacks, depression and a generally negative outlook
are symptomatic of still being stuck
in the Past.

Accept that you aren’t willing
to let go of your “story”.
Then make time to figure out
what the payoff is for you
in hanging onto that story.
Because there is a payoff
hiding somewhere!
Give up reason and logic
as your primary resource.
Those two keep you lodged
in the past.

After the lightbulb goes on –
tell your Mind to let go…
“You’ve decided to work from your Heart, the voice of your Soul”.

See if it’s worth your exploring
a new attitude, a new approach.
After all, how’s the other been working for you?
Experiment with being enthusiastic, optimistic and trusting.
It’s called taking a chance on Love!
And Trust!
And a belief in Abundance!

Quick tips for October –

It’s perhaps scary to think about, however, when past wounds
come up, sit still and relive them.
That which we resist, persists.
Then go sing in the shower!

Build your confidence.
Lessen the voice of self doubt!
If you fear it, do it!
Take a class - learn something new.

Silence the inner critic –
it only diminishes your
creativity, imagination, intuition
and ability to love.

Be in gratitude.
Appreciate and acknowledge
your gifts.
Do the same with your friends, family and associates.

Spread the joy !
Be your spectacular self!

Heart to Heart…