Reflecting on your 2018!

September 2018

Dear Friends

A truly chaotic summer is now over.
Time to catch our breath!

In the 9th calendar position
this September brings us to a moment of
Integration of experiences and lessons learned
during this 11/2 Universal Year.
In a sense, this month marks a finish line of sorts.

For most of us this year, it’s been a pretty wild ride,
especially in the emotional arena.
There have been huge highs and deep lows
that have torn us apart.
Nine’s arrival provides us the opportunity
to integrate this reconstruction process.

With Nine, we come “full circle” on the 11/2 Energy of 2018.
The circle has always represented that which is whole and complete –
the NOW in the True North of your Soul, your evolution.
This is both a time of integration and rest before we gear up again.
There is still more work to be done this year!
So, just as a teenager needs extra sleep during their growth spurt,
so do we.

Be gentle on your body.
Make time for assessment this month.
How’s your energy running these days?
Do you need a “tune up”?
Are you feeling more together?

What is so powerful about this September
is we are required to integrate
the individual lessons
we’ve learned so far.
Since each PY is different,
your year clues us into
the specific Energy you are integrating
right now.

So I’m going to give you a quick snapshot
of your Personal Year to help you
with this essential assimilation process.

To Calculate your Personal Year:
Just sum the month and day of your birth.
Add that to the Universal Year (11 or 2, you choose)
And then reduce the new sum to a single digit.
The single digit represents the energy of your Personal Year.
(Ex:January 4 1965 = 1+4+2+0+1+8 =16=7.7 is your PY.)

Keep in mind:
The 11 of 2018 represents
new, inspired, big picture thinking.
The 2 indicates that an Open, Trusting
Heart is the key to unlocking your
success and well being.

So what are you integrating this month?

If you are in a One Personal Year:
The One Year indicates you’re embarking on a new chapter in life, a fresh new start. And this direction begins with shifting from left brain linear choices to Heart-based thinking. Are you able to engage in a new, inspired, “big picture” approach that only the Heart can generate? Do you believe that you are self-sufficient – that everything’s inside you to tap into? Your Heart does!! Did you take the initiative in putting out for your dreams or are these ideas still dancing in your head?
Bottom Line -Believe in you!Be a Go-Getter!

During a Two Personal Year:

Two is a Heart frequency – intuitive, sensitive, connective and caring. Two is open and receptive to all aspects of living and has asked the same of you this year. How are you doing? Have you gotten more in touch with who you now are and your emotions? The delays and obstacles that you encountered during the year were designed to deepen your Trust and Connection within. Along the way, did you cultivate a sense of Patient Purpose? Are you able to work through issues with your Heart or are you sticking with the Head’s logic and linearity? How is Love showing up for you? Or You for Love?
Bottom Line – Trust in your Heart Story.Become the Peaceful Warrior.

For Those in a Three Personal Year: Another year to focus on your emotional life.This is a social year designed to get you out in the world, sharing yourself, ideas and creativity. For you, this is a year of self-improvement.Are you now willing to be more visible?Are you learning to enjoy yourself and be in the spotlight? Emotions were served up on a platter – were they delicious or indigestible? Can you say that you are happier with yourself? Do you let that light, optimistic side of you out to play?
Bottom Line – Creating Confidence.Be a Communicator!

During a Four Personal Year:
Four is a physical energy. Action is your game! And it must first
take place in your Heart. You gotta have Heart! Are you doing what you
Love, what energizes you? Have you organized your inner structure around the pillars of Heart
Consciousness - Love, Trust and Abundance?
The goal this year is to strengthen your belief in self-sufficiency by being self directed and
disciplined. It’s a “do it yourself, nose to the grindstone” period where you let your Heart take the lead and you whistle a happy tune!
Bottom Line – Getting your Act Together.Be a Builder!

During a Five Personal Year:
Another physical year of action that brings out the Adventurer in you!
Your Trust is being tested as you venture into new territories and make choices from your Heart simply because “it just feel right. Your ideas come “out of the blue”. Do you stay open and go for it? Your biggest challenge is to give up control by surrendering your comfort zone with its attachment to the Past. Is surrender in your vocabulary yet? Surrender is not about “giving up”; it’s about accepting and moving forward. Bottom Line – Breaking up old, past patterns.
Be the Free(d) Spirit!

If You’re in a Six Personal Year
Six is emotional: it is known as Love, Loving. Have you finally accepted the responsibility you have to love and nurture yourself first without feeling selfish/guilty? Relationships are your teacher this year. You’re “on call” for every body, on all fronts. The lesson here is for you to find your ”balance point”– loving and respecting you as well as them - and then maintaining the “loving kindness” by setting clear boundaries. Cutting people a lot of slack is one way to get out of judging which keeps the Heart cold. Bottom Line – Create Balance & Harmony. Be the honey bear of love!

If this is Your Seven Personal Year:
Seven is a spiritual energy that indicates that you will need to align and fine tune your frequency. It’s a year to go on “sabbatical”, to give yourself Soul Time in which you hone your internal compass in the direction of your Heart’s desire, your True North. You may experience a “wobble” in your health and general energy while “adjustments” are being made. Your outlook may seem fuzzy and unclear. This is normal as you beginning to ponder the next chapter in your life. The key is to make time to nourish your physical, mental and emotional health. Take time to be by yourself and reflect. Be sure to stay calm and non-judgmental with your analysis.
Bottom line – Are you living your Truth? Be a Truth Seeker!

During an Eight Personal Year”
You’re off“the bench” – no more sidelines for you! It’s into the game to make
things happen in a big physical and material way! Finances and Personal
Empowerment are your top priorities this year. Are you stepping up to the
plate to manage and direct your life from a Heart-Centered space? Do you take responsibility for your life or do you play the boohoo me card – I don’t deserve it! Do self doubt and fear still play an active role in your life? Will you find the courage to keep going in spite of obstacles? You will make it
happen IF you don’t quit on yourself! Bottom Line – Courage of your Convictions. Be a Power Broker!

If yours is the Nine Personal Year:
Nine is the spiritual vibration of wholeness and well-being. It asks you to complete the cycle of the past eight years by integrating that learning into your body, mind and spirit. As such, it is a deep and profound process. 9 requires that you let go of your Ego in order to not take things personally. How are you handling this assignment? With Love, Compassion, Understanding? Can you see the bigger picture of living now? If you answer “yes”- then you’ve been successful in assimilating Heart Consciousness. You’re on your way!
Bottom Line – Forgive to move on. Be a Humanist!

This is a big month! If you have questions or feel like you’re “misfiring” – call, text or email
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Heart to Heart…