August 2018

Dear Friends,

The fireworks are gone.
July 2018 is a done deal!
It was intensely disruptive month for some of us,
as we dealt with releasing our Past
and its unresolved emotions.

So here’s August – a1Universal Energy Field -
what can we look forward to?

We’re in a healing energy field, a healing vibe.
So while we’re still dealing with the ongoing Eclipse Season
and multiple retro planets,
the bottom line to all this is
that the“lack” thinking habit
can be re-solved.

What exactly does this entail?
Fortunately, this month’s 1 frequency
is about new beginnings -
grounding in a fresh new mental outlook.

Remember - it’s not our thoughts:
it’s our beliefs that create our life.
To tap into what’s happening,
we must continue to dive deeper
to discover them and any emotional attachments
we’ve been holding onto.

For instance – are you an optimist or a pessimist?
When you’re willing to face and re-experience these emotions,
you’ll find that they dissolve themselves.

I’ll admit - it’s not much fun.
However, your well-being is at stake here
because our emotions determine
our degree of success;
Soooooooo -,just do it!
The1 Energy Field is here – ready to connect with you
to make this a smoother transition.

There will be, however,a period of time –
and it varies for each of us- when you may feel “empty”.
This void is the result of releasing the toxic “lack” programming.
As such, you may feel confused, anxious, angry, lonely and
even depressed.
Stay out of judgment.
Hang strong!

The goal here is to empower you
to move into a more constructive and
fulfilling (not fear-filling) mindset.

Then – eureka! –
your motivation shifts out of “lack”
and into abundance!

With the energy of “Lack” unraveled and dissipated,
you are now grounded in belief that create
the prosperity you’ve been seeking.
Your actions are more Heart-felt because
you have opened yourself to Heart Consciousness.

You are now free to live fully in the Love and Creativity your Heart holds.

Here are my suggestions if you’re still struggling and
not “feeling the Love”:

Quick Tips for August

Quickly ask yourself – am I still looking for acceptance,
acknowledgement and/or approval outside myself?
A “yes” will bring up the “lack” and associated emotions very fast.

Having done the above –
Sit down, breathe and get still.
Remember some good times –
the things your parents did that you are happy about.

Find the hidden blessing in your childhood difficulties.
When did the challenge develop into a strength?

Accept who you are right now with non-judgment.
Be gentle with yourself!

Imagine how you like to feel and be.
Focus on the positive…what you have.
Enjoy where you’re at…even though it may
not be where you desire.

Find something to laugh about – daily!
Wake up to who you really are!!
A dynamic creative loving power!

These are all bold moves requiring confidence, courage and commitment!
Fortunately, we have the 1 Energy
as well asLeo the Lion-hearted
by our side for this month.
Tap into his roar!!

Heart to Heart…