Slow Down! You’re Rockin’ Your Boat!

May 2018

Dear Friends –

May is here!
Buds and blossoms are blooming.
It’s time for new growth!

This month, the 7 Energy changes the pace.
Sometimes The Universe keeps us waiting
so that the 7 can guide us to explore
that deep still place
where our truths and intentions dwell.
Clarity is the objective!

As such, it requires down time, alone time.
And believe it or not –
we quietly accomplish a great deal this month
in terms of “getting our self together”.

Know that a re-alignment is happening
based on the shifts that you’ve been making
to Heart Centered Consciousness.
Simply put - the goal this month is to reach
a deeper, more conscious connection
with Heart Centered living.

As such – you may find yourself more
sensitive than usual.

No surprise!
Sensitivity is your Heart speaking.
It‘s The Universe’s not so subtle way
of making us more aware of our feelings
and also our truths.

It’s a tricky ploy -
however, this is how The Universe
often deals with stubborn, resistant human nature!

What’s happening in your Heart right now?
Is it feeling light-hearted?
This is the first step in balancing
and being true to yourself.

Your sensitivity is also
the muse to your creativity.

Check in as to what’s going on around you
by connecting with your Heart.
Do your best not to get bogged down –
to take things too seriously.

We all have a tendency to go intense
when the 7 is operational –
nudging us into greater awareness,
deepening our inner connection to Heart.
We can get caught up in “evolving”.
We can get caught up in “being good”.
We can get caught up in “the lesson”.

Just go easy on yourself.
Keep an eye on yourself to
avoid judging and the subsequent mood swings
that 7 is famous for.
In fact, the best antidote you have
is to find your sense of humor.

Yes – I’m telling you to laugh!
Pull out all stops on laughter!
The energy of laughter is part of
God, Divinity, Prime Source.

Humor lifts us up!
There’s so much healing that goes on
when you’re laughing.
It doesn’t necessarily change the situation,
however, it does raise you out of your fear
to an intentional level that is
more creative, imaginative and honest.

So if you’re feeling down,
find something in your life
to laugh about.

By month’s end,
see if you have raised
your energetic vibration
to a level where fear has lifted
and you’re living
in your “Heart Power”.

Quick Tips for May:

This is a magnetic time –
Stay a witness to what’s happening,
what life's bringing your way.
This is a mirror
to what’s going on
inside you.
Be still and reflect.
Change what you’d like.

Words are powerful.
They can lift us up,
move us forward.
Or not!
Say good things to yourself,
especially to your body.
Read Heart-Speak to find out what words
work on your behalf!

Be mindful.
When expressing your emotions,
use “I’m feeling…” (sad, upset, excited)
Eliminate – “I am…” (sad upset excited)
“I am” is a state of being.
Feelings are energy in motion.
They are temporary, not definitive.

Go out and have some fun –
plan a reunion of old friends.

Make time to be in Nature.
It’s the easiest way to get in touch with True You.
Live easy! Laugh!!

Heart to Heart…