Have you made the Switch?

June 2018

Hello Friends –

My word to keep in mind this month is –

Some of you may prefer “chutzpah” or “moxie”.
Or maybe you’d like “bold”, “brave” or “courageous”…

Whichever your pick,
choose one as you’ll need it
during the 8 frequency of June 2018.

The energy of 8 - mental, thinking big –
actually, larger than life big –

is directing you to move forward
and outside your comfort zone.

This big thinking 8 is asking
how far along are you in redefining your “Power”.

Specifically, the 8 inspires you to get clear
on whether you’re still in Separatist “Power” mode
or have you moved into Connective “Empower” mentality!

Can your self worth handle the truth?

We’ll each be given experiences
to assess just how well we’ve adapted
to the new definition of Power
which is…

“Feeling good with yourself,
so as to manifest on terms
you’re happy with…”

-- rather than using the old Separatist definition of…

“Control and manipulation of the environment
through fear and intimidation.”

So – stay awake!
Your job now is to figure out
how you hold yourself, (self worth) in the world
and your willingness
to accept new parameters in your life.
Your level of self confidence and worth
are the empowering agents
that determine your ability to explore new territories
of success/wellbeing with the new Power Paradigm.

Without good feelings - being connected and whole within -
none of us can create/ manifest
easily or successfully.
We must resonate a compatible energy (power)
with The Universe,
aka the Heart Centered Consciousness.

Right now, The Universe is holding amazing abundance
for us to tap into.

How confident are you tapping into
your Power, your creative energy
to take advantage of this bounty?

Take a chance,
by doing something
dramatically new and different.
Now admittedly – it may or may not seem “big”
or radical to other people.
However, it will for you!

What will help those knocking knees
is to remember to fully trust and believe that …

“The Universe is not doing it TO me,
The Universe is doing this FOR me.”

So – stay alert!
Tap into your Power – the creative juice in you –
with Trust and your Heart on your sleeve.

By month’s end
you’ll see how well you’ve let go
of the doubt, fear and lack mentality
and adopted the Heart Conscious belief
in Trust, Love and Abundance
as your Power and Authority base.



Cut yourself and everyone some slack –
we’re all dealing with new, and for some,
rough stuff.
No one is exempted!

Stay upbeat.
Most goals take more time and effort
than we bargain for.
Keep going… persist.
Avoid judging the process.
Positive thoughts = positive results!

Make a list of your strengths, talents and skills.
Focus on their value and work with them.
Doing this allows you to get clear
on exactly what you’re aiming for and
to develop a strategy that’s
in sync with your Heart’s desires.

The bottom line to understand is that
Power is feeling good with yourself –
no matter what.
Love is feeling good with yourself –
no matter what.

So – it follows that...
Power is Love.
Love is the new Power.

Feeling Empowered? (I’m Powered!)

Heart to Heart…