The End of the Beginning…

April 2018

Dear Friends,

Since the winter solstice of 2012
we’ve been being initiated into
the new energetic terrain of the Heart Consciousness.

Specifically, for the last two/three years
we’ve been enduring
one long purge or detox phase
of the fear-based limiting
beliefs that each of us has been holding –
consciously or not.

The objective has been to create a
“clean slate” – a tabula rasa to
become a new way of being that
you couldn’t have imagined before
when you lived in doubt, fear and lack.

And Great Tidings! Tides-in!!
April 2018 ends the prelim phase to
clearing the way to live in Heart Consciousness!

Our attention and focus on the past
is no longer constructive or productive.
Not in today’s world!

And while you can’t completely forget the past -
up to and including yesterday -
Now is the hour to release those
emotionally charged judgments
that trigger your need to live by
what did or did not happen during childhood

That sad exercise is a sinking ship.

Jump Ship!
Ride the Waves!
You will only be able to shift and engage
your Heart by staying in the Present.
Then and only then can you experience
the Trust, Love and Abundance you’re seeking.

What’s the Life Preserver?
Dive into the 6 frequency of April.
It’s all about Relationships, Responsibility and Self Love.
It’s about your choosing to change the relationship you have with yourself.

Until you love - appreciate and accept without judgment -
who you are,
then and only then,
will you expand into the better version of yourself
who is able to create the life you are seeking!
Until you love what’s inside,
you won’t get it on the outside.

So how do we do this?
First –
accept that the “cleansing phase” is
basically over.
Refuse to sit in the Past
to explain yourself or your life.
Ask yourself –
how did that person, event, situation
make me a more loving person?

Secondly – Accentuate the Positive.
Eliminate the Negative.
Latch onto the Affirmative.
It no longer matters what you’ve been through –
You are here!
So honor or appreciate who you are Now.
Don’t mess with anything in between.
It’s easier to take responsibility for
your life when you live
in the Positive Energy of Love.

How do you honor yourself?
Are you being responsible to yourself by being yourself?
(You can’t love/be loved if you’re not being who you are.)
Are you speaking your truth – telling people where you’re at?
Are you doing things that are in your best interests?
Are you choosing experiences that energize you?
(Feeling passionate and upbeat about the people and events in your life
is essential. If you’re feeling lukewarm, you’re not lovin’.)

How are you appreciating you?
Make a list of qualities you like about yourself.
Write a list of accomplishments that make you happy
Are you paying attention to what your Heart is saying?
Heart-speak is your Soul talking.
Are you making choices from your Heart?
What makes your Heart sing?

And how are you honoring your body?
Your body has the toughest job right now.
It’s in upheaval as it’s the last to cleanse
in this detox process.
For years it’s been storing the toxic elements of your
mindset that doubt, fear and lack generated.
Your body must now lighten up in order to continue.
As such, it needs for you to take things easy;
to slow down and be patient, gentle and kind to yourself.
TLC – tender loving care –
is sourced in Trust Love and Compassion!

You can’t rely on your body to behave as it once did.
You can really throw yourself out of whack if you
Insist on maintaining the old expectations and standards.
Are you taking that “time out” to rest and recharge?

Are you able to put yourself first when other people need your support?
Why is accommodating their needs more important than your own?
If people don’t get it, that’s their agenda.
Why are they in your life?

What tapes are you dancing to?
Are you kind to yourself?
Are you telling yourself and your body good things?
Are you letting you know you love yourself?
Are you keeping in mind the good stuff in your life?
Are you visualizing success, your happiness and wellbeing?
Build on it.
Focus to create more.

What’s Next?
You’ve got the slate clean.
You’re now building a new syllabus for living.
You and I chose this life and everything in it.
It’s all been one big choice after another.
There is no blame, no shame, no fault.
There’s choice.

You can either choose to love
or continue to choose
to doubt yourself.
If you’d like to get on with living more happily, fully.
and to be a bigger, better version of yourself -
then choose Love.

Quick Tips for April 2018 –
It’s all about Love and your relationship with it.

As such, this month indicates
that expansion is happening within.
Not in your outer world.
Find balance internally.
Let the outside world be in flux.

Slow yourself down –
the hot, hard intense energy of the 11 Universal Year
is best known for creating havoc.
Ride the waves of change!
Get still, quiet and sort things out.
Be okay when it takes more time
than you bargained for.

Skip judging yourself.
Instead be gentle.
Kindness is your currency
for balancing your growth.

Clear, honest communication is essential as well.
Watch your words – are they Heart-felt?
They must now reflect the “true new you”.
Go buy “Heart-Speak” if you’d like some guidelines!

Do what creates Balance and Harmony for you.
Set new boundaries – out of self respect and love.
Follow your Heart.
Be in Nature. Be in Beauty – whatever that is to you.
Make time to mull, ponder and celebrate
where you now are with yourself.

The Future is NOW!
Be here NOW!

Heart to Heart...