Sail with the Wind

July 2018

Dear Friends,

July always marks
the mid point of the year.
Our year is now half over!
The next six months
will also speed past
like a bottle rocket.
So this is NO time for procrastination.
Life is approaching light speed!

For many, you’ve seen more fireworks than anticipated!
If you haven’t accomplished what you’ve envisioned,
hold steady – it’s not too late.
If and only if – you act now!

The message this July
arrives in the form of
the 9 vibration.
Nine signifies that very powerful spiritual lessons lie ahead.
They are designed
to give you a larger lens,
the chance to embrace
a bigger picture of your life.

Move out of your fear-based ego
into a creative neutral view
that supports more fulfillment.

Take Heart!
It’s not the time to give up on yourself, your dreams or life.
9 signals the end of “Phase One” of
the emotional cleanse
that evolution requires.

9 asks us to take a larger view.
We now must face our deep-seated,
unprocessed, emotional feelings
by exploring our Unconscious.

Tapping into the Unconscious
can be daunting.
Like the ancient wayfarers,
it is uncharted territory.
It can bring big surprises!

Navigating suppressed emotional content may produce a shock
to your system.
However, it will also reconnect
and energize your life
at the deepest, most profound level.

These emotional challenges
can be as volatile as
summer lightning storms.
Sudden and powerful,
before disappearing quickly.
And while you might need
to batten down the hatches,
will weather the squall.

Accept and allow.

What course will you set for the remainder of the year?

Will you choose to look at your journey from a negative perspective – from a place of fear?
Or will you choose to look with a positive view – from a place of Love and Trust that you will
discover solid ground?

Personally, I’m voting the latter.

Perhaps you’ve been unaware
that you have become bound
to a painful experience;
that something has been holding you back, you just aren’t sure what is.

Well. Get ready –
It’s about to surface!
As it bubbles up…
Breathe into the memory
you’re witnessing to the extent that
you’re experiencing it again.
Let the feelings and emotions surface.
Now, exhale.

This releases
the event’s negative energy
from your body, mind and Heart.
It may take several moments…
Just hang in with it.
The tension and toxicity will
dissolve itself.

If you sense (or know) your experience is extremely painful, please call me for guidance
and support.
We’ll walk through it together.
There are no extra points
for going solo.

Either way -
It’s time to deal with it:
to heal and follow your Heart.

You make choices everyday.
You can choose to live by the rules you were taught or
you can choose to do what’s really in your Heart.

Which are you going to press –
the default or the reset button?

Its time to choose
to be a deliberate Co-Creator,
fulfilling your Potential and Purpose.

Quick tips for July –

There’s only one tip –
Raise the sails
and run with the wind!

It’s time chart a bold course!
To find your New World.
Courage alone wins the day

Stare down the fear.
Recognize it.
See it for what it truly is – a lie.
It’s a whirlpool
that has ensnared you
and your life
for far too long.

Cut loose the anchor
mooring you to your old mindset.
Sever the ropes that bind
and strangle your Divine Spirit,
your Creativity!
Free your Heart!
Free your Self!

Let yourself soar!

Land Ho!

Heart to Heart…