Do What You Think You Can't!

March 2017

Dear Friends,

March continues to be as demanding
as the first two months
of this year have been.
This is always the case
when we're having to
cleanse emotional wounds.
And as 2017 is about reorienting
with mental clarity,
The Universe is making sure that we let go
of the self doubt/fear/lack mindset..

So -
remember back in January
when we were told to face our selves honestly;
to see the truth of whom we now are
and live from that perspective?
Did you make time for this check up?
The key word for January was Patience -
the essential quality to moving forward
when creating new chapters in life.

February - did you speak your Truth?
Did you find your voice,
saying what you needed to say?
To yourself, to others?
Or did a frog get stuck in your throat
and you've now been dealing with neck and throat issues?
Even your chest may have acted out the non-speak.
What is it you need to say that you think you can't?
They key word was Express.
Make it a point to have this conversation during March.
if you didn't get to it during February.

You have a lot more power within you
than what you've been showing the world.
We all do.
We all have.
However, the distractions,
the interruptions,
the stories
and dramas
we tell ourselves
enables us to coast along,
singing the same old song
for the rest of our lives
creating the same old, same old.

Ever had a tune get inside your head
that you couldn't stop singing it?
Drove you crazy? Just a bit?
How did you put a stop to it?
Do the same with your excuses and head trips.

Here's your task for March!
Resonating to the 4 frequency,
which represents foundation,
the core that allows you to feel empowered
so as to manifest
on terms you're happy with!

Your task is to ground into
the present moment:
to express who you are now!

Therefore, take action
on putting your inner self in order!
The order of Trust, Love and Abundance!
Then you can create an entirely new perception
about your place in the world
and your service in it.

This is not an option that you can avoid.
As we bring in higher aspects
of our Self
we must now re-orient to
a new way of being.

Resonating to the new frequency
of your current consciousness
that now holds more of the Light of
Trust, Love, Flow and Connection,
requires that we each
become clear of how to
see -
to perceive at your new level
of evolution -
instead of
through the lens of the past.

In these times of transformation
that we best be "all in",
the 4 of this March requires us
to open,
to heal
by shifting the fear thoughts
to living with
and connection.

To accomplish this,
when fear/doubt strike,
do the opposite of what
you usually do.
Action breaks the fear pattern.

And as such, I venture to say that
something MAJOR
that has been reeking havoc with your psyche
must NOW
be released
for you to open up
to leading your life
with the full understanding
that you create your own reality.
And you create this life by choosing
how you will perceive
everything that happens to you.

You will either learn it this month
and change what needs to be changed
ignore it
and then it will happen again to you!

Please be aware that,
anxiety, confusion, can arise
when we are asked to let go
of old patterns, energies that
represent security and comfort.
It can develop into high anxiety
when we refuse to release,
resist making changes
to how we see and do things.

That's the kicker this month!
Big lessons for us all!

We are at the Portal of a new life,
new opportunities.
For many,
to change means
that they were doing it "wrong."

"Nothing strengthens the ego more
than being right." Eckhart Tolle

It isn't a question of right/wrong.
As the New Energy Field is here,
you must put new rules
in place in order to connect
with the new creative dynamic.
"Different" is needed now.

Do you wish to be "right"
do you wish to be happy?

It's that simple.

Quick tips for March -

Since we must shift into new patterns
to link with the new Light Energy here,
please remember-

What's to know is that an Opening is happening,
transforming is at hand,
so consider -

  1. Becoming solution oriented.
    Don't allow yourself to get "stuck" in problem solving.
    How can I make this work is the question to be asking yourself.
  2. Seeing "the good" is all things - people, places, situations.
    There is always a gift to each experience.
    Maintaining "the critic" who is really 'the judge"
    who finds something wrong in everything,
    keeps you in doubt/fear/lack thinking.
  3. Staying mentally sharp - this month will keep you on your toes
    observing your personal mental dialogue.
  4. Remember - this year you are a blank slate.
    Let go of the past, you're here now!
  5. Making the time to be in nature., to meditate.
    These assist in activating your
    imagination, creativity and joy.
  6. Telling your own story the way you desire to tell it.
  7. Reaching out to people from your Heart.
    Say something loving to someone daily.
    Praise yourself each day as well!
    Opening your Heart in this way
    will free the loving, creative power in you.
  8. Becoming child-like once more -
    practice trusting that all is and will be well.

All in all - this is another hectic month.
I read somewhere that -
"The word, difficult, only belongs in a fool's dictionary."

What will you make of March 2017?
Will you choose to live from your past
be in your present?

Stay clear -
The source of all abundance is not outside you.
It is part of whom you are!

Heart to Heart...