The Journey Back to Joy
Happier Me!

This is a comprehensive, life-affirming process that explores the essence of who you are, why you chose to be here and the contributions your Heart seeks to share with the world. It involves a Spiritual Contract Reading and progresses to the 5-part Intensive. It is followed by Energetic Meditations or Attunements designed to assist you in releasing the toxic energy of your old beliefs.

Session One: The Psychic Wound

Somewhere between ages 2 and 5 an emotional hurt or trauma formed your fundamental attitudes about love and power and broke your innate trust in yourself and The Universe. Without examining these wounds we are destined to continue down the same road, doing the same things over and over and repeating the same patterns of unhappiness and wondering why our dreams never seem to work out. Discovering your physic wound allows you to leave the past behind and move forward into the life you always imagined.

Session Two: The Birth Agreement

In the moments before you entered this Lifetime, you made an agreement defining how you would behave in the outer world once you arrived. Uncovering and examining this contract can help you understand the How's and Why's of your choices in relationships and life. With this awareness you can change the agreement and create a new mindset that supports a fulfilling life.

Session Three: The Undercover Agent

A brief and extremely effective tune-up designed to help you undo your unconscious sabotage of your best intentions. These unconscious emotions are absorbed during childhood and undermine you by keeping you feeling "inadequate".

Session Four: The Emotional Clearing House

Visualize yourself clear of the “toxic emotions” which are lodged in your body. Release those “oh too familiar feelings” that derail you and instead replace these emotional blocks with a new lighter Affirmative Energy to lift your Spirit and help you soar!

Session Five: Integrative Work

Assimilate everything you've learned and examined during your spiritual growth into your practical every-day life. Time is provided to process this new mindset and become comfortable with the new you – the best you – so you can experience lasting success and happiness.