The past three years has left many people wondering, “What is going on?” Often we have felt overwhelmed or on overdrive with less energy, tiring more quickly from life’s nonstop pace. For some of us, focusing is even more challenging. The world seems to be moving faster and even spinning out of control at times. It’s harder to keep up and to stay clear.

If you feel like this too, there’s a very good explanation.

During the 2012 Winter Solstice, the Universe delivered a new light energy to our planet. This energy field, which I call the Affirmative Energy Field, resonates at a different frequency than what we’ve been accustomed to experiencing.

Affirmative Energy is faster and creates the challenge for all of us to be more flexible and fluid in order to feel whole, complete and connected within ourselves and to each other.

As a consequence, this Energetic Shift requires us to approach living differently –
to think and act in a new way that is compatible and in sync with this new frequency. No surprise, that our bodies are working overtime to assimilate and adapt to this energetic quantum leap we are now facing.

Interestingly, Affirmative Energy is best processed and assimilated using our right hemisphere – or Heart-Centric mind. No longer can our beliefs and actions be dominated by the left frontal lobe of logic and intellect.

Therefore, the concepts and practices of competition, divisiveness and intimidation will no longer create success or happiness.

Instead, we must shift into a collaborative and compassionate mindset –
a more Heart-Centered way of living by finding the balance between these previously competitive hemispheres – a true melding of Heart and Head that I call “Heart-thinking”.
This is why you will often hear me speak about our New Consciousness being grounded in the concept of “Lead with the Heart; Follow with Smart.”

Now that the Age of Affirmative Energy has arrived we are tasked with discarding the old patriarchal paradigm and its Separatist strategies.
We must now recognize that we are One –
united and connected through our Hearts and humanity.

It is imperative we celebrate one another not tear each other down.
Our goal now is to support our fellow man –
to cooperate rather compete against him or her.

This is a radically unfamiliar and perhaps daunting change for most of us.
It requires a near-total reboot to make this enormous Shift.

The Heart and our emotions have been maligned and ridiculed for centuries as second-class citizens to the mighty Intellect.

Well – as of December 2012, the game has changed.
Pure intellect will only get you part of the way now.
Success and happiness require a full integration of the Heart
into your approach to life and living.
There’s no turning back.
It is time to elevate ourselves and our world.

My work seeks to align you with this new Affirmative, Heart-Centric Energy in order to create greater happiness in your Self and the planet. Below is a diagram of what the Big Shift means for us all.

The LEFT COLUMN represents the old, patriarchal, Separatist thinking dominated by the intellect. The RIGHT COLUMN represents the new Affirmative Energy and the “Heart-thinking” - the Connective thinking that we must all assimilate and master.

The question is: Are you in sync?